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A Broad Range of Services Including Tree Felling in Uckfield

While much of our tree work takes place in the surrounding Sussex area, Global Tree Care still have a sizeable client base in our home town of Uckfield. Like all good tree surgeons, we provide our customers with a full range of arboricultural services. Covering everything from tree pruning and crown reduction to arboriculture surveys and tree removal work (we’re skilled in both sectional dismantlement and traditional tree felling), we’ve earned a glowing reputation throughout Uckfield for being the local tree surgeon to trust.


Perhaps the most important factor surrounding our tree work is safety. Andrew Page, our company founder and owner, has worked as a tree surgeon for over 15 years. Having worked as far afield as New Zealand, Andrew has been covering the Uckfield area with his friendly team of tree surgeons since 2015.


Here, we look at some of our principal services in detail:

Crown Reduction – This is a type of tree pruning that sees cuts made to create a smaller canopy but with plenty of foliage left intact on the outer edge. Only a qualified tree surgeon should attempt this procedure because crown reduction can stress the tree. The result of this kind of tree work is a shorter tree with less-dense foliage in its own natural shape.


Crown Thinning –Clients in Uckfield can use our tree surgeons to remove smaller tertiary branches from the outer crown to create uniform foliage and a more balanced limb structure. Particularly suitable for species with broad leaves, this type of tree pruning promotes light flow by as much as 30% to maintain tree and surrounding plant health.


Tree Removal – If you have an unsafe or diseased specimen at your Uckfield property, always use a qualified tree surgeon to remove it. The tree surgeons at Global Tree Care specialise in both directional tree felling and sectional dismantlement techniques. Sectional tree removal is ideal for use on land where surrounding property needs to be protected, while tree felling is ideal for larger areas of land with no surrounding property or footpaths.


Woodland Management – Our tree surgeons have the skills and experience needed to tackle projects of any size. Global Tree Care can handle woodland management requirements and tree work at larger properties in Uckfield. We use tree pruning, deadwood removal, tree removal / tree felling, thinning, coppicing, invasive plant removal and new tree establishment techniques as part of our woodland management services.


Hedge Cutting – Regular hedge care is just as important to our local environment as tree work. Our tree surgeons provide seasonal hedge cutting services, usually on a twice-yearly basis, at times that won’t interfere with the nesting seasons of local bird species in Uckfield and the surrounding Sussex area.


Stump Grinding – Following tree removal / tree felling work, a tree surgeon can eliminate unsightly remnants from your property using specialist stump grinding machinery. Tree stumps left in the ground start to decompose and create harmful spores that could threaten healthy tree species nearby. Stump grinding takes remnants back to below-ground level.

Whether you require tree removal, tree pruning or another service listed above, contact our Uckfield tree surgeons now on 01825 891144 or 07934 338217.

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Mobile: 07934 338217



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